Family history folders. 

The Group has decided to make some of our internal hard-copy family history folders available on this web-site. The folders will be scanned and placed below in the following list. Each folder will consist of a series of scanned images of each text page of the folder. They may be read and printed easily but are less easy to 'search'. The folders will contain extracts from parish records and census returns, copies of wills, relevant correspondence, family tree drawings and miscellaneous information.

To be put in contact with other users researching family history on this web-site, CLICK HERE. The following families have contacts: Allington, Boddington, Busby, Clarke, Eaglestone, Gibson, Hope, Hounslow, Jellyman, Parish, Peachey, Smith and Wilkins. 

Following 2018 data protection requirements, the file is password protected - please e-mail for the password.

Boddington family history    one    two    three    four    miscellaneous

The remaining family history pages have been temporarily removed. Please e-mail the group for further information.

Family Wills, please click on the item or name:

A record of Wills, Inventories and Bonds.

A general Alphabet of the Old Law Hands.

Ash, Baker, Bathe, Boddington, Boswell, BowleBusby, Buswell, Clarke, Cleaver, Cockson, Coles, Cooke, Councer, Crocker, Dandridge, Deely-Dealy, Dome, Edwards, Egglyston-Egleston, Evans, Faulkner, Ferbrother, Fortnam, Gillam, Gough, Gould, Hall, Hanwell, Haynes-Heanes, Hyde, Ibell, Jarvis, Jelliman-Jellyman, Johnson, King, Lee, LuingMarsh, Marten, Minton, Parsons, Rand, Righton-Ryton-Wryton-Wrighton-Royton, Rogers, Smith, Soden, Steward, Taylor, Treadwell, Walmsley, Wells, West, White.

World War I Memorials      H Bidmead - W E Humphries      W Keen - W A Woodruff     (courtesy of Janet Brocklehurst)

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