The following books are available from the Group:

The Changing faces of the Bartons    by Audrey Martin                                          £8.50

             (filled with photos of people, streets, houses and events from Victorian times onward)

Middle Barton School - Aspects of School Life 1866-1996    by Audrey Martin    £2.50

             (a terrific read with photos and turn-of-the century log-book quotes: 'a girl was very saucy this afternoon'....)

Middle Barton - a village walk                                                                                    £0.80

            (alerts you to sights you may never have been aware of)

It Happened in the Dorn Valley                                                                                   £3.50

            (a vivid account of life in the Bartons during WW2 through the eyes of the Women's Institute)

The History of the Bartons        by George Laws                                                      £2.00    

             (an overall history of the area starting 1000 years ago)

Bygone Bartons - Full Set - 5 booklets      by the Group                                         £5.00

Also available on dvd:

The Bartons in the 1970s                                                                                            £5.00

            (building the swimming pool at the School in 1976, plus two films of the 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations)