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The Bartons' History Group is based in the villages of Middle Barton, Westcote Barton and Steeple Barton in North Oxfordshire, UK.


Over the last 40 years the late Audrey Martin and others built up a unique photographic collection of life in our villages from late Victorian times to the present day. She assembled 27 folders containing 2,350 photographs. Over the last few years we have been able to restore and digitise these folders, finally making their contents available on the internet. These photographs are in Audrey's original format with the titles and captions she provided. This still represents only a fraction of the Group's total material......


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Bartons' History Group would not have been able to create this web-site without the assistance of funding sponsors and contributions from village residents. Steeple Barton Parish Council, Westcote Barton Parish Meeting, West Oxfordshire District Council and The Bouttell Trust have financially supported us through the years from 2007 to 2016. Additionally village residents have provided both donations and many hours of unsung, volunteer work. Thank you.

March 2018.