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The Changing Faces of the Bartons                                 Audrey Martin                £8.50

Middle Barton School – Aspects of School life               Audrey Martin                £2.50

Middle Barton – A Village Walk                                                                                   £1.00

It Happened in the Dorn Valley                                                                                  £3.50

Bygone Bartons (set of 7 issues + Jubilee issue)            Bartons History              £8.00

The Bartons in the 1970s (DVD of the Silver Jubilee + Swimming pool)              £5.00

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The Bartons’ History Group has been supported by the following organisations and Groups: 

Steeple Barton Parish Council 2007-8, 2019,

Westcote Barton Parish Meeting 2012

The Bouttell Trust 2008

Village Residents

West Oxfordshire District Council 2007-8,10-12, 14-17

Grant aided by West Oxfordshire District Council