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The Bartons’ History Group has been active in the Bartons’ villages in Oxfordshire for the last 40 years. Over this period many images, documents, research articles and stories have been collected and stored on this web-site. Feel free to browse and research your own or our villages histories. Of particular interest is the photographic gallery collected by the late Audrey Martin which can be found HERE. Further, more recent additions to this gallery can be found HERE.

Parish and Church documents can be found HERE. Village documents can be found HERE. Family history documents can be found HERE. Items for sale can be found HERE.

For security and confidentiality reasons, some pages and documents are password protected. Please apply to the Group, enquiries@bartonshistorygroup.org.uk, for the password.

Millennium Window, Steeple Barton Church, 2000, designed by Vicky Fleming

In Memoriam: World War I (23 Barton losses)

(Work done recently by the Group for the 50th anniversary of the end of the first World War)

Standards of the British Army (22 losses) and the Royal Engineers (1 loss)

Harold (Bidmead) BASSETT, Frederick CARPENTER, Horace Vaughn CASTLE, William John CLACK, Frederick William CONSTABLE (brother), John CONSTABLE (brother), Ernest James HAWKINS (uncle), Albert Edward HAWKINS (brother), Ernest James HAWKINS (brother), George Henry HAWKINS (brother), William Edward HUMPHRIES, William KEEN, George Felix KIRBY, Frederick John LUING, Jenner Stephen Chance MARSHALL, William James PARSONS, Wiliam Daniel PROFFITT, Nigel Malcolm Stewart RIACH, John Edwin SMITH, Charles Bernard STEPHEN, Horace Percy STEWART, Felix Francis George STOCKFORD, Walter Allison WOODRUFF.

                       Biographical Material:      Basset to Humphries        click HERE
                                                                       Keen to Woodruff              click HERE
                       WW I War Records:                                                            click HERE

In Memoriam: World War II (2 Barton losses)

Standard of the British Army (2 losses)

Walter Henry BOFFIN, Frederick John SHIRLEY.

                        WW II War Records:                                                            click HERE

St. Edward’s Cross, Westcote Barton Church, early 20th century stained glass

WW II 1941 The Home Guard on North Street, Middle Barton

1941. The Home Guard on the bank outside 1 North Street. Back row: Frank Gascoigne, Arthur Bosley, Tom Hazell, Tom Stewart, Charles Davis, Archie Price, Hedley Gardiner, Alec Gardiner, Will West, Unknown. Middle Row: Derek Pritchard, Harry Bassett, John Butcher, Will Baker, Norman Cross, Philip Fleming, Harry Stevens, Ralph Greenslade, Charlie Eaglestone. Front Row: Charlie Boffin, George (Pudgy) Simson, Bill Meakin, Arthur (Baggy) Willkes, Jack Eaglestone, Charlie Hazell, Bunty Simson, Reg Shirley.

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To contact other site users searching their own family histories, CLICK HERE. Site users have registered for the following families: Allington, Boddington, Busby, Clarke, Eaglestone, Gibson, Hope, Hounslow, Jellyman, Parish, Peachey, Smith, Soden and Wilkins. Please e-mail the Group for the Contacts file password.

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