Audrey Martin Photograph Collection

Please select a gallery below. The photographs in the galleries are in Audrey’s original format with the titles and captions that she generated. The photographs display in all electronic environments, PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Phones. However a screen width of greater then 10 cms is desirable to accommodate some long captions.

Bartons History Group Exhibitions


Clubs and Groups Activities

Eaglestone Family

Enstone and Worton Roads


Jacob’s Yard and Mill Lane

Kiddington Road and Fox Lane

Kirby Family

North Street 1

North Street 2


People II

People II Newspaper Cuttings

School I

Shops and Services

South Street


Steeple Barton

Steeple Barton Church

Turnpike and Church Lane

V. E. and V. J. Days

Village Events

Village Events I

Village Events II


Westcote Barton

Westcote Barton Church