Historical Documents – Families

Personal recollections of life in the Bartons:

Stan Allington (1984), Harold Bassett (1916), Mrs. Checkley (1970s), Val Gardner, E. G. Hawkins (1920), Mrs. Gladys Hudson (1984), Miss Ruth Kirby (1991), Ethel G. Davis (1936), Henry L. Luing (1870s), Mrs. J. Rowlands and Mrs. S. Smith (1985), Mrs. Bubbles Pratley (1981+), Mrs. Mona Owen (1985), Mrs. Marjorie Young (1985), Mrs. Sylvia Sheppard (1988).  Download Here.

Wartime Evacuees (WW II) – Dooley Family. Download Here.

Eric Boseley talks about life in farming in the Bartons. Interviewed by Denise Roberts.

Walks through the villages:

North Street Walk notes – 27th September 2009. Download Here. Steeple Barton Walk notes – 25th July 2010. Download Here. Chris Edbury.


112 North Street – Property Ownership Deeds. Download Here and Download Here.


A record of Wills, Inventories and Bonds. Download Here.

A general Alphabet of the Old Law Hands. Download Here.

AshBakerBatheBoddingtonBoswellBowle, BusbyBuswellClarkeCleaverCocksonColesCookeCouncerCrockerDandridgeDeely/DealyDomeEdwardsEgglyston/EglestonEvansFaulknerFerbrother,FortnamGillamGoughGouldHallHanwellHaynes/HeanesHydeIbellJarvis, Jelliman/JellymanJohnson, KingLeeLuingMarshMartenMintonParsonsRandRighton/Ryton/Wryton/Wrighton/RoytonRogers, SmithSoden1, Soden2*, StewardTaylor,TreadwellWalmsleyWellsWestWhite.

(*The earlier ‘Soden’ document has been replaced by the more complete versions ‘Soden1′ and Soden2’ provided by the Oxford History Centre. 3/2020.)

Census documents – 1901


Census documents – 1911

Bassett – Bidmead, Boffin, Boffin, Carpenter, Castle, Clack, Badger – Constable – Jarvis – Packey, Constable – Sollis, Hawkins, Hawkins, Humphries, Keen – Smith, Kirby – Luing, Marshall – Benfield – Smallbone – Haynes – Jones, Parsons, Proffit – Franklyn, Shirley, Stewart, Stockford, Woodruff.