FAMILY – The Lock Family move to Australia in the 1830s but why?

9/7/2019. I am the secretary of the Phillip Island Cemetery Trust, located about 80 miles south of Melbourne, and we are currently writing the history of all those buried within our Cemetery from 1870 until 1920.
We have brothers George William Lock and John Barnard Lock in our Cemetery – they were the sons of John Lock and his wife Ann Bagshaw and both were born in Steeple Barton in the 1830s..
From the 1851 Uk Census, it appears that their father was an innkeeper in Steeple Barton.
Are you able to give me an idea as to the number of Inns (and names if possible) which would have operated in Steeple Barton in the 1850s?

Phillip Island, Melbourne, Australia.

31/7/2019. BHG. In the 1851 census John Lock is listed as Innkeeper at The Carpenters Arms. I attach a note and a photo from the files on the history of the Carpenters Arms.

The Carpenters Arms 1913

Phillip Island Cemetery Trust. I want to sincerely thank you for your time in pursuing this information. The photos of the Carpenters Arms Inn will be a great addition to the Lock story.

BHG. It would be intriguing to understand the circumstances of the family’s transfer to Australia. Were they driven by agricultural poverty, prospect of a better life or by the hand of the law?

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