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  1. Maree Garstang

    The Bartons Historical Group web pages have been so very helpfull in my search for historical background to my Blackwell family. They were farm labourers who later moved about in the 1830s and finally two family members made their way to New Zealand. The first was a Richard Blackwell born in Middle Barton in 1821 who became an Imperial Foot soldier of the 58th Regiment. He was shipped to New Zealand in 1845 to quell the unrest of a local famous Maori activist Hone Heke.
    It has been hard trying to find information and images of the life and times of Middle Barton and I want to thank you for your interesting site.

  2. Kay Sage

    My family the Stockfords lived in Steeple Barton & Westcott Barton,they were bakers & agricultural workers,Would be nice to know more about them if anyone knows anything about them